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Latest News
L250AB - LifeDop ABI Reimbursable Vascular System

The LifeDop ABI system features a portable bi-directional Doppler with compact printer for the diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.). The system includes Doppler, printer, bi-directional probe, adhesive-backed label paper, ABI chart, forms, ABI video, examination guide, quick reference guide and ABI glossary, with 2 cuffs and aneroid package.

The system includes:

»Compact bi-directional hand-held Doppler – Auto calibrated

»Modular printer with adhesive-backed label paper

»Automatic waveform scaling with fast printout

»8MHz bi-directional probe
»ABI Chart

»Report forms (Pack of 50)

»ABI Video, Examination Guide, Quick Reference Guide, and ABI Glossary

»ICD9 Code listing


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